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PX MessageBox

Getting Started

Create new Message Style (Create -> Message Style) and setup.

Select MessageBox prefab (Assets -> Poq Xert -> PX MessageBox -> Resources -> PXMSG -> MSG).
Add your Message Style in Custom Styles array.

Add using in your script:

using PoqXert.MessageBox;

Add method in your script:
public void MessageResult(int id, DialogResult btn)
    Debug.Log("Message ID: " + id + " Button: " + btn);

id – Message Box ID.
btn – Result button (Yes_Ok, No or Cancel)

Add line in your script:
MsgBox.Show(0, "Example message text", "Example", 0, MsgBoxButtons.OK, MessageResult);

Run game and see message box:

Click on "OK" and see result in console: